The view from my apartment on the third floor. You can just start to see the first blush of fall colors.
This is the view though most mornings when I wake up....
The other morning I thought my windows were steamed up, but it was literally the fog, the house was just engulfed in fog.....you could'nt even see the trees that you see in the photo above.
There are deer everywhere and chipmunks are as common as the lizards in Florida. Trying to sleep with the windows open is a challenge......the woods do not go quiet at night, the sounds of insects and who knows what else permeates the air. I did notice though on cold nights its very quiet......wonder where they go?....or do they just go quiet?
This is the old panel up in the hall of the 'servants quarters' (where I stay) that was used to call the help......
I'm settling into the job and feeling less anxious. The first couple of weeks here I was a bit of a mess, feeling the loss of my independence and missing my friends. There's plenty to keep me busy in a house this size though which is a good thing. I'm concerned that I haven't been able yet to work painting into my daily routine, but I think that it will be possible. The couple I'm working for will be leaving Oct. 22nd for their island home in St Vincent, not to return until Dec. 4th. They'll stay a month and then go back to the islands. I'm still undecided about my future here, whether I'll stay or not. I'm just taking it one day at a time.


Whew-Who!.....sunshine.....finally. Poor Philly has been inundated with rain and floods and at last there are peeks of sun.
I've been busying myself with creating the Etsy shop for my friend while I wait to go to NY. I also took down my old Etsy shop and started a new one that will be just for paintings (no thrift shop finds).....my 2"x 3" birds, the 5" x 7" canvas board paintings and the larger ones, the Beach Chair and the Pelican.
Today we'll make the rounds of the local thrift shops, but no buying for me. I've got extremely limited funds and its going to be awhile before I get a pay check, bills are going to be due before that happens so I've got to be very careful. Lets hope for some buyers at my Etsy shop!
Still haven't gotten the final moving date, but I'm still hoping for Sunday.


So the new date for possible move to new job may be Sunday.
Got to Philly around noon yesterday.....only got lost twice on the way here......once was in DC, I don't need to say more than that about that.
I heard from the new job again and learned that the previous employee has found a new home but there is a possibility that all of her things may not be moved by Friday, and although I was asked to come anyway (if I didn't mind) I needed to let them know that I wasn't comfortable with that.
Making a move like this is such a big deal for me. I admit to still having some fears about such a drastic change, I've been 'come and go as I please' and 'do as I wish' for a very long time. So being able to arrive there and create a space/home for myself right away is really important.......staying in another room until the space is clear feels very awkward. Living out of bags and boxes gets very old very quickly. And I don't like feeling homeless and disconnected or ungrounded..........on my, I am getting old lol.
So I'm waiting for a response to my request that I arrive after she has moved her things and hopefully that response will be that its done. Pushing doubts aside, I am anxious to get there and settled in so I can focus strictly on the job.
While I'm here in Philly I'm going to help my friend that I'm staying with start an Etsy shop :-) I'll post the address here when its up and running cause she has some pretty cool things she'll be selling.


Quick update.....I did end up leaving yesterday, the funds cleared a few moments after I posted yesterday.
After a 10 hr drive though the deep south with no AC, I arrived at my sons house around 6pm greeted by delicious hugs from the grand kids :-)
I'll leave here today around noon to get some drive time in and then arrive in Philly tomorrow afternoon.
I finally heard when the new job will start...and it will be Friday....can't wait to get there.


Well, for the first time ever a Paypal money transfer did not clear into my bank account in the two days that it has always taken in the past. So, although I'm out of my apartment (now officially homeless) I'll be staying at a friends until 'business' days resume.....meaning I'm stuck in Florida until Tuesday at the earliest.
Mind you, I couldn't be 'stuck' in a better place, Linda's home is beautiful...... I've posted a picture of her backyard before.......


All my things getting donated today :-( I really wanted to take that black drop leaf table apart and put it in my car, but its heavy and I think I'm already pushing the load limit on my car. I just love her legs.
If anyone's interested, in an attempt to rustle up some more bucks I've listed the beach chair painting and the pelican painting on ebay......just for one day at a 'buy it now' price of $100 each + shipping. (Note to Janet....I know its way too low, but I need the money:-)