Some new ACEO's up on ebay.

A lot has changed in these past few months.  My perfect little situation I created for myself by moving back to where I am now has fallen apart.  Coming back to an area I love, being closer to work hasn't worked out after all......why?......things change, its a given.  Permanently losing two work days a week in the fall was a disappointment but I could still manage, now though I've lost yet another day and this is not good.  Working only two days a week outside the home is not going to be enough.  To add to that I was also bumped from the healthcare.gov program.  I was told my income was too low now to qualify for subsidies and I'm forced to apply for medicaid.  I'll learn if I qualify for that in a couple of days.  I just shake my head.......everything was so perfect.  Time to find a new perfect I guess.
I'm trying to get more disciplined about doing my artwork and I'm considering trying to resurrect my mural career.....I don't hold out much hope with that though, the onslaught of availability of printed murals is a bit tough to compete with.  If you do a search for murals online the websites for printed murals far out number the websites for mural artists now.....its sad.
I've got some new planning to do!