Switching things up a bit

 Wow, its been a while since I've posted anything here, let's correct that! 

I've found a new interest.....jewelry.....making some that is. No, its not the macrame bracelets I made in the past, now its earrings, beaded drop earrings. I've become addicted to beads 😬, beautiful semi-precious stone beads especially, nature is gorgeous. Now..... we know however most addictions have a down side and this one is no exception. What is that down side you ask? All the things you need to buy to go with the beads; tools, findings, storage, etc. And then there's learning all the techniques you need to know and practice, practice, practice....... over and over and over again 😳.  Despite any frustrations I am enjoying it. I've made a start 😁


Update on screen progress

Progress has been slow but steady. A goose and her goslings are the focus right now, there will be more little ones on the panel second from left, and still more foliage and birds to do.
Anyone remember this mural I did on canvas quite a while ago that I couldn't seem to sell?
 Well I decided to add it to the back of this folding screen and I have to say making that first cut was not easy. 
The screen will stay with me.


Inspired to Paint

Its probably been about 3 years since I bought a four panel blank canvas folding screen with the intention to paint it to sell.  I was finally inspired a few days ago to drag it out of the back of a closet to set forth on the task, albeit no longer with the intention to sell it.
I had saved this picture of a folding screen that I really like and it was/is my inspiration for my project.
I love the graceful simplicity of the design.
So here's how my version of this is going so far.....
There are four panels, one is folded back on the left. I'm going to be focusing more on the addition of birds. These are just five of many more to be added (along with more foliage, still filling it in).

I also plan to give it the appearance of age with some stain. When I put the background color on I noticed it crackled, a really pretty fine crackle and I think the stain will work beautifully with this.


Sometimes its just hard to understand

Sometimes I see something that just jolts me and reminds me of that saying 'life is just not fair'.
I'm guessing its the reputation of the artist and the opportunity to impress their peers that the buyer is really purchasing because, call me ignorant, but it surely can't be about the bunny. I'll just hope this is part of an auction or something that will benefit an organization in need.