Gosh the days go so fast. It took most of the day for this coffee table to go from this...
to this.........
Tomorrow I'll be painting an egret and a heron on a cabinet that I had for sale...a custom order.
Yesterday while working in the studio/shop I had this realization that I was happy. I can't say that I've felt that way in a very long time. I think I'm where I'm suppose to be.
I feel like I have more control in my life doing the work I'm doing now. I have the fun part of the work.......searching for treasures that need some tlc, and I can paint whatever I want on them. I love having the studio.
So anyway.......yesterday was spent painting......all day (no thrifting :-)
This dresser.......
was transformed into this.........
This dresser ........
also got the 'white distressed' treatment
The coffee table that I was going to paint a graphic design on
ended up all black and distressed as I had originally envisioned it.
I decided to take the two doors off of this piece rather than try to repair one of the doors that was broken.
I'll place baskets of towels and bathroom goodies on the shelves and promote it as a possible bathroom vanity similar to these guys....I created and placed this picture on top of it to help customers see the possibilities..
A couple of pieces I did bring back to the studio day before yesterday that will keep me busy......a funky home made tall stand, can't you just picture it with the the edges softened and a big beautiful fern on top
Another cool coffee table....I think it'll do well painted and distressed, very beachy.
I also found a table that I'll paint to go with that corner unit I bought....they will be painted black and distressed.......black and while toile print seat cushions....yummy.
Fell in love with this huge table lamp for $1.
There is also a huge, really huge gate leg dining table, the kind where the leafs hang all the way down to the floor......I think I may hire my friend to do the prep work on that one :-) Picture later. Off to the studio.


Finished up the eight drawer chest that had all the stickers on it and tackled the headboard. I'll have to redo the right panel on the headboard, something went wrong.

Saturday morning.......in the studio......staring at all my lovely primed and ready pieces.
I was released from the jury selection process yesterday around 1pm (was not chosen obviously) and went yes.....out to my favorite thrift shop. I knew work was getting done at the studio so it gave me the guilt free freedom to look for more pieces.
It was pretty slim pickings that time of day, I think I've mentioned before the fierce competition I'm up against with dealers and pickers showing up religiously every day and hovering as the workers bring things to the floor......not a pretty sight.
I did however find a few things to bring back, albeit the 'leftovers' usually need a lot more repair/care. First, a $10 dresser with mirror. It isn't old but I hope to make it look so. As soon as I got it back to the studio I grabbed the hammer and chisel and popped off the hideous plastic appliques (I hate those things!).
Then I spotted a $1 bookcase and a tiny little table.
And finally an ok corner seating piece for $29. It is all wood, so that's a plus.
Well time to get at it. First up.......finish that dresser that had all the stickers plastered on the front of it.


Jury selection process yesterday....all day!.....and back again today. They were selecting for two criminal cases, I was not selected for the first case and the second one is still in the process of selecting. What an experience, I've never been through this before and I confess I'm getting quite an education on the law. Did you know that in Florida there is NO 'law' against driving while impaired??? And that impaired is not the same as drunk or intoxicated? Guess that's where all the numbers come into play drawing the line between the two.
Anyway.....back at it today.
This has actually worked out well. With the sale of the three pieces on Tuesday I was able to hire someone to do the sanding and priming on several pieces still needing attention. And with me out of the way he started yesterday while I was in court and will continue today. I stopped by the studio yesterday on my way home and I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it was to walk in and see all my pieces standing there all primed and waiting for artwork. Here's some befores of what I picked up Wednesday at the thrift shop.
A chest that I will probably not do anything to except get the missing bit on the right door replaced. And I'm thinking it may look better raised up off the floor a couple of inches, bun feet? not sure yet....
Then another buffet. It will get the old Florida scene and antiquing treatment....
Then these two pieces.......
Spent just under $70 for all four pieces :-)
Can't wait to have the weekend to work on all of these (without having to do the prep work :-).


I'm starting this day with a big cheesy grin on my face :-) Just before closing up shop yesterday I got a call from someone who had been in earlier in the day (with a friend). She and her friend spent several minutes wandering the shop looking at pieces...measuring...speaking in whispers with a look of excitement, I was hopeful.
Her friend bought my favorite desk for her daughter...
and she, when she called, wanted to purchase my favorite dresser/mirror and put a deposit on yes, my favorite buffet......how exciting!
So yes again....this day will begin at the thrift shop. These were the three pieces that always got the most attention in the studio and now I'm feeling the pressure to create some more equally charming pieces. So today will be a search for pieces I can paint some more Florida scenes on.
Yesterday I got those dresser drawers cleaned up and painted, today I finish the body.
I was going to just paint the $5 coffee table black and distress, but now after painting the base/legs black (which I love how they look) I've decided to do a black and white graphic design on the top......all black would have been nice, but too common I think.
Here's hoping for another great day.


I forgot to show you what I finally ended up doing with the little white chest that challenged me...

I figured the larger 'bird' chest was such a hit and sold quickly, that I might as well try it again. I think I need to carry it up to the drawer some how though?

Started today as yesterday....at the thrift shop, I swear I'm becoming addicted. I can feel my heart beat faster the closer I get to the shop. I'm still trying to convince myself that this is my new job, that it's ok.
Today's bargains....first a $10 chest of drawers (all wood)
I know, I know....lol......but it only took an hour to get them off :-)
Another $5 coffee table, these seem to be very common in thrift shops, hope they haven't fallen totally out of favor.
Got this wonderful brass plaque for $1 Anyone have any idea what this may have been a part of???
And finally a couple of lampshades and some utility lamps for $4.
OK....time to get working on some of these projects.
Playing around with the new blogger templates :-)


What a successful day! Got up and went out to my favorite thrift shop first thing and brought the booty back to the studio.
Got this cool headboard for 10 bucks. I'll paint it white and stain and distress it and paint an old world Florida landscape in the center panel (the other two have caning in them).
Got this cute little table for $5. As usual I jumped right in and painted/stain/and distressed it before I remembered to take a before photo....oh well.
Then there was this table, also $5
There was nothing wrong with it except two corners were obviously chewed by a family pet. I just sanded them and distressed the rest of the edges to make them less obvious and that's all I will do to this table.
Then I found this glass lamp (minus a shade) for get this.........drum roll.........ONE DOLLAR! I used to collect these in my 'nesting' days....not anymore, I live very simply now. Can you see the slight tinge of green in the bottom? I've never seen one like this before....just charming.
I also started working on that $10 table I bought a couple of weeks ago. I decided on a black top and white stained/distressed legs. Haven't started the legs yet.
And to top off the good day the pirate screens were picked up and paid for and I was able to get my tardy rent paid :-)


Yeahhhhhhh....done! Here is my crazed Capt. Hook.
Now I can get focused back on the studio/shop.


Well dang! I only got one done today.....and here she is....
Oops...see a couple of things that need tweaking. Last one tomorrow :-)


Here's how the snarly one is coming .......
I was hoping to get two of these done today.........didn't happen.


Pirate #2 done :-) Starting #3
And here is #3.....still needs a bit of fine tuning but is pretty much done.
I think these guys are a bit too happy looking....time for a snarly one.
Here's another chalkboard made from the dresser mirrors I picked up a few days ago.
That's the dresser that sold on Tuesday along with this little guy.
Today its all about pirate screens....gotta get these done!


I picked up a few mirrors yesterday that I will turn into chalk and/or magnetic boards.
You can see I already started working on them (removing the mirror).
I love how the first one turned out. I had to cut this one down because of damage on the sides at the bottom.

I think I found the perfect model for my current pirate portrait......whats a pirate without a parrot.
I was out of the studio most of the day today but when I returned I found a woman peeking in the front door. When I let her in she told me the girls next door had brought her through earlier and she was interested in a chest of drawers I had for sale.
She bought two pieces!! :-) Thanks girls!