Lost a bid on an ACEO painting today of a chickadee from an artist whose work I admire so I decided to paint my own
and you can bid on it here
I also did a little Italian scene with lavender fields similar to ones I've done before.
I'm actually looking forward to getting out and working tomorrow, I feel guilty when I'm sitting for too long, even when I'm working on my painting.  I may hate that I'm cleaning again to make ends meet but it is great exercise.


Sales of the little paintings are going well and steady and there's a bid on the larger 16"x 20" Pear painting too
which I'm very happy about.  I'm not making $743 a painting like this one just sold for
but I guess anyone who can get that much detail into a tiny 2.5"x3.5" painting should be rewarded.  Several of Kathy Manuel's paintings have sold in the hundreds.  She must have young eyes or a great magnifying glass.

I've also been commissioned to do a 24"x 36" Pear painting.......what fun, the larger the better :-)
I did this 4'x5' one on wood several years ago......

The mandatory Christmas cookies have been made
 and I'm looking forward to a couple of extra days off.  It'll be a quiet Christmas, my son and his family are down in sunny Florida for the holidays, but then that's where they spend Christmas every year.  I think I need to find somewhere to volunteer my time this year, I'll look into it.

Is my blog getting boring?  My blog is getting boring.  It seems I've settled into a pretty boring routine.........gotta do something about that.

Have a great holiday everyone.


I'm home yesterday and today albeit not by choice.  Yesterday I went out to a job, one of my regular clients, and could not get my car up their steep ice covered driveway and with no where to park I had to turn around and go home. This was on top of my car stalling twice on my way over there which is why I'm home today.......the car is back in the shop.   So with two days of lost income (plus an unexpected expense) I've decided I need to paint and list enough paintings that will hopefully sell and make up for that loss.
Here are some new additions to the ebay listings .


I've got some new paintings on ebay, some ACEO's and one larger painting.
This ACEO painting sold yesterday for $32, the highest price I've gotten for one yet.  That's why you see another new PB&J one above :-)
And this is the larger pear painting I have for sale.
It measures 16"x 20"

Our first snowfall this year........