Got started on Mr Shark before 7am this morning and had him completed by 10:30am. It helped a lot to get there early before the sun started beating down on me. Doesn't he look so much better?! Scroll down to see the before.
Had a visit from my son and his family at the shop this afternoon.....they're heading back to Atlanta on Sunday :-(
And I got my latest $5 chest of drawers almost finished.........painting it black and distressing it.
Long productive day........its Miller time :-)


Things have been too quiet at the shop so I woke up this morning and decided to have a 50% off sale. Turned out to be a good move, I'm going to have to do this from time to time. I was also sort of glad none of the pieces with artwork on them sold......that would have hurt letting them go too cheaply. I take that back.........the folding screen sold, but for the most part people bought pretty generic stuff....painted white and distressed.
Remember the shark job at the restaurant I've done work in, The Old Key Lime House? Here's his before:
I got him primed this morning in preparation for his makeover. I'm going to attempt to paint him a bit more realistically.

I plan on getting there tomorrow as soon as light breaks.......I was there at about 8am this morning and by the time I finished, maybe an hour later, I was drenched in sweat! Not pretty.


Finished up my Dick, Jane, and Sally dresser yesterday (remember how it started?),
I just need to pick up some glass knobs for the drawers.
I'm going to open the shop today for a few hours to see if there are any shoppers out there on a Sunday. I've started some mural work on the walls, so I think I'll play with that today. Molly has rented some space in the shop and will stop by to pick up a key. She'll begin setting up her space this week.


Remember this cool desk...
I decided to dress her up a bit.....
Then I decided to take the flowers off of this piece......they were bugging me ever since I put them on....
much better...
Started turning this twin bed into a bench. Unfortunately I can't pick up any wood yet to finish it.
Remember the two identical chests of drawers I got a week or so ago, one got painted with the animals, tomorrow the other one is getting an old Dick and Jane (and Sally) image painted on the front.


Well good, found my old camera. The battery doesn't hold its charge for very long....its pretty old, but will get me by til I can get a new camera.
Here's the boat chest with its changes. I like it much better.
Haven't been thrifting for several days.
I'm working on a beach painting for my daughter in law's grandmother. Not being a 'fine art' artist I always feel the pressure trying to do 'regular' paintings on canvas, I'm not always sure my style of painting translates well as a wall hung painting. I'll post it when I'm happier with it, need to have it done by the end of the week, its a b'day present ......no pressure there.


Well..........this ain't good......I just dropped and broke my camera. So I'll just have to describe to you the changes I made to the boat chest. I took out the two smallest boats and made the little island larger about doubled the size (off to the left) and added a peek of a beach in the lower right corner....it looks so much better.
I'm hoping I still have my older camera at home to use till I can replace this one. If not, this blog will not be quite as colorful for awhile.
Ah........my last day of housesitting :-) I'll miss it actually, this is a nice house, on the water, with pool, big screen tv (all nice to come home to)......things not visible in my immediate future for sure........sigh.....someday :-)
Today's agenda, to finish up the chest of drawers (with boats)....I'm still not lovin the water and the boats need tweaking. Then I'll start working on a sketch or two for a beach painting.


Here's how one of the matching $5 chest of drawers turned out
And I've decided what to do with that card table....I will remove the leather top and nail heads and use all the mirrors I had removed from their frames (to make chalkboards) to create a mosiac mirrored table top. Its already got the raised lip around the edges so it'll be perfect.......cool!
Another piece I'm still working on, have to make some perspective line adjustments.........


Been a while since I've posted. Between being at the shop full time and house sitting for a friend its been crazy.
Yesterday I made it back to my favorite thrift shop and found these treasures. Two identical chest of drawers, a smaller chest, and a cool old game/card table.
The two large chests were a challenge, each covered with wall paper border...oiy.
Without the paper.....
Love the labels on the backs.......
The smaller chest.......
And the card table..... I just loved the lines of this table.
After thinking I wanted to remove the nail heads and leather, and trying to do just that, I realized it would take a full day just to remove the rusty old nails and peeking under the leather the wood below wouldn't make an attractive painted surface.........so I may leave both in place and paint as is.......not sure??
These things along with some silk lilacs, a couple of vases, and a small shadow box, I spent a total of $36 and change. A good day :-)
Here's how the shop is looking.


I totally love this idea! I was doing an image search for some fresh ideas for dressers and came across this from Apartment Therapy ....too cool.


Taking today off :-)
Yesterday I got the buffet done......the studio is really filling up with finished pieces.
I also got this chest painted. I haven't decided on the artwork yet. And I need to pick up some new knobs.


I was only in the studio for half a day yesterday but I got started on some pieces that have been patiently waiting for their artwork. I thought I'd give chinoiserie a try, I've never done it before.....not sure its my thing cause I like to work fast, and this isn't :-)

Today I'm going to get started on this buffet I bought a few weeks ago. Its pictured here as I found it but it is already painted and ready for its artwork.


Started yesterday with a trip to the thrift shop and came away with four pieces. I was so excited to find two ($10 each) that are perfect for painting scenes on....its what I've been looking for, for the past two weeks.
I also brought back a tall narrow shelf unit with three drawers on the bottom half ($5), and a long chest (5 bucks) that I'm passing on to the girls at the shop next door.
On the way back to the studio I saw this crazy thing going down the street....had to snap a picture.
Then got back to the studio and started and finished the custom order from the other day. Its similar to a piece for sale that I have in the shop now.
Today I'll be starting on some pieces that are ready for their artwork......can't wait to get them out on the floor.
I'm also going to place an ad on craigslist when I finish here .......now that I'm in the shop almost full time, I'm going to try and find someone to rent two small areas (5'x6') I have in the back of the shop.
I was hesitant before because I wasn't there much and didn't feel that would be fair to anyone renting space........so we'll give it a try now.