Freak October Storm 2011

Skip fall colors and go straight to freak October snow storm. This storm rendered us without power for a few days which meant I got to learn more about antiquated generators, oil tanks, pumps, hot water heaters, fuel lines and reserve tanks than I ever thought I'd need to know.
I've been on the new job almost two months now. The awkward anxiety felt when beginning any new job has passed and I've settled into the routine of things. The owners are away at their winter home in the islands and will be returning in a few weeks for about a month.
After spending a week or two on things that needed doing around the home I've finally begun to paint again.
There are still daily tasks and responsibilities to be done, but with the absence of cooking, serving, cleaning, laundry and shopping, I have many more hours free that I can devote to my artwork.
I've begun with three 5"x 7" small paintings that were commissioned prior to my leaving Florida. Here's one of them..
A lemon
Once I'm happy with all of these I've been commissioned to do a portrait of a small boy and dog. It will be a Christmas present for a mom in Atlanta. This is the photo I will be working from.......
I'm also working on a pet portrait that was started before I came here and really needs to be finished up......thank you for your patience Cricket :-)....I promise it will be done soon.
And finally on my list of paintings to be done, remember this portrait I painted a couple of years ago?.........
His little brother is now about the same age as when this was done and its his turn. Here is the photo I'll be working from.....