Website or No Website, That is The Question

Ok.....so while putting painting on hold for now I've been learning how to make jewelry, its amazing what you can learn on youtube.  I'm just learning simple things for now, I don't really like complicated, wiring wrapping is amazing but....not into it.  

Macrame jewelry has been popular for years and doesn't seem to be going out of style anytime soon. I made a bunch of simple bracelets a while ago and they're probably on this blog somewhere (oh yes, I see some down below) but I never did anything with them (except wear some of course ;-) never put any effort into selling them. I just spent a few hours on GoDaddy trying to put together a free website to list some of the things I've been making recently but I'm not sure its worth all the effort.  Should I just list them here....or list them on ebay.....maybe change up my ACEO website to include them on there? I don't know......I always seem to be chasing rainbows 🥹


February 26 2024 Head and Neck Cancer

Wondering where I've been?  It has been a crazy past 12 months, and not in a particularly good way. I lost two friends, one who lost her battle with cancer and another who lost her fight with copd.  And now? I have my own fight with head/neck cancer.  Sometime in late December 2023, early January I noticed the sudden (literally overnight) development of a large lump on my neck. After a series of doctor visits, blood work, xrays etc I was told I had cancer. Surgery and radiation treatments followed, then recovery time. Lots of follow up tests/exams will continue. A PET scan is scheduled for August. Along with all of that I lost half of my house cleaning clients, the work that supported me financially. The sales of my little bird paintings slowed, yet another disappointment.....Auuuuggghhh!! Picture me pulling my hair out!  I'm still feeling a bit lost trying to figure out how to deal with the future.  Still........I've gotten help/support from some really good people and even, at about to turn 73, I am still a fighter :-)


Holidays Have Slowed Me Down A Bit

 But not too much that I couldn't finally....FINALLY!...go to GoDaddy and put together a quick website for my ACEO paintings.  I'd say it took about 8hrs total building, revising, and revising again (hahaha) til I was finally ok with it. I have to say the GoDaddy template I used was super easy for me, a non-techy person for sure, I'd encourage everyone to check it out. Trust me, I tried several of the website builders and this was by far the easiest and frustration free to use.

Check out my quickie website if you like: http://aceopaintings.com



New Ebay Posts

 Just two today. All of the listings in the previous post have sold  😊 I may take a break from painting for a couple of days and perhaps work on a new website.


So much for keeping up :-(

 I wish I could recapture the enthusiasm I had years ago, everything just feels like a struggle. Things change. On that happy little bit of wisdom hahaha 🙄

Here's what is offered on ebay right now.



New post new listings :-)

 I finally managed to get myself to list just a couple of beaded bracelets on the already over saturated listings for beaded bracelets on ebay, but hey, we'll see what happens. Click HERE to check them out. Also have some new birds listed as well. 



New Listings SOLD


A Coal Tit and a Sparrow with young ones....