It just takes a sale to create incentive

So happy, this week four ACEO cards/paintings have sold. These are those.......
Today these were listed and the woodpecker has already received a bid.....
This is the ebay link to the woodpecker if interested: https://www.ebay.com/itm/334114794177?hash=item4dcacb2ac1:g:SX4AAOSwIOlhGXaA


Good Gracious!

 So I've got bids on two ACEO cards on ebay...yeh! 😃 However, its been awhile since I've sold anything there and I'm just learning you can not use PayPal directly anymore to receive payments, I think?? Ebay now manages all payments? And that sets up a delay in getting your money quickly.  I'm confused (nothing new ;-). So with that and their fees I decided to see if there were any other popular places to sell Art Cards...... ArtCardsWanted.com. I remember seeing this site a long time ago, I'm talking years ago, so I take that as a good sign (that its still up and running). I think I'm going to give them a try.  I have all these prints of my cards that I'd really like to sell. 

 Joining is free, listing is free, and there is no fee when sold, its a no brainer.


Goodbye Etsy

 Seven months on etsy with no sales :-(  no surprise really.  When you type in earrings in the search bar you get 5,548,278 results! I've closed my shop.