One week to go for the move.  I can't believe how much 'stuff' I've accumulated in the 15 months I've been in this two room apartment and I'm still packing 'stuff'.
It makes my mind wander to such places as this and a simpler more thoughtful life....
If only I were thirty years younger and still held the belief I could do anything.  I miss youth.


Making some changes, I couldn't handle the yellow fish.
I won't be able to get much more done on this until the weekend.  I'll be adding more Yellow Tail Snapper, more Clown fish, more coral, some fish off in the distance, maybe a Parrot fish or two and some interest on the sea floor.....stones, shells etc.


Well.......great news!  My apartment has been rented!!  I'm not sure if I'll still have to forfeit my security deposit for early termination but I do know I don't owe the landlord anymore money so I was able to hire movers for the move.  April 28th is moving day :-)

I also got my canvas and have started (don't judge, its still early stage) one of the three porthole paintings.  I want to add a lot more detail (fish, coral) to this, but its funny today I realized I just can't seem to escape my distinctive style of painting.  I wonder if that would change if I took some classes?


Yeh!  I finally got the go ahead for the three porthole paintings for the new Florida restaurant, they will be 30" diameter but for safety sake I will oversize them a few inches.  The paintings will be similar to this
that a did a few years ago for a Florida mansion's elevator, it lined the inside wall of the elevator shaft and had a window on the cab so you could view the mural as you went up or down.
The white area is where there was a window in the wall of the elevator shaft.
I ordered the canvas for this new project from one of my favorite ebay stores, $33 and change for a 22' long roll 55" wide, not a bad deal....plus free shipping!  It should arrive before the end of the week.  I'm anxious to get them done before the move.......just 3 more weeks, can't wait!