Learn To Be Objective About Your Work

Very exciting....I met with a client yesterday whom I had done work for a couple of years ago....they're in a new home. I was actually more excited for her than I was about getting some work, its a beautiful home. As I was touring the house, going from one magnificent room to another admiring the grandeur, we entered the master bath and I'm pretty sure the expression on my face changed suddenly and noticeably. I was looking at probably the worst faux marble work I've ever seen. I asked her if that was something she had hired someone to do before I commented on it, my intention to tell her to ask for her money back. Turns out the previous owner had, had it done.........I'm hoping he got his money back. OK...I'm not a faux artist, I wasn't there for that reason, however I did suggest it needed to be worked on.....I did not want her or her friends and neighbors to think that's what faux marble should look like. Sadly this painter had also done this to all the walls, floor to ceiling, in the powder room as well.....not pretty.

Faux painting is an art, its not about sponges and rags. Below?.......some examples of what you should expect when hiring a faux finish artists. And artists?.........be objective about your skill level...study other artists work and compare them to yours....I know its exciting to be offered a commission, but remember you'll want referrals and more work......you won't get them with inferior work.

From Maxwell Studios
From Davidwallart.com


Mike Macneil


It's In The Genes

Ian Browning Johnson (grandson)


Although I had pictured all the girls cut to fit and placed above the urinals, I was not the decision maker, so they are hung where they are as directed by the owner.
The silhouettes were not cut from the boards, instead I painted the wood around them to match the tile.
Only two of the ladies made it to the wall on Wednesday before opening and when I returned on Thursday morning to work on the lady in red, I found out she wasn't going to be hung. Turns out some 'men?' were not pleased with the humor......come on guys......man up!
You can see by the way they were hung that the owner was already fearful that they would be vandalized, so I guess if these two girls bruised the guys egos, the lady in red may not have lasted very long on the wall.
Anyway here's how they look in place.
Notice the lady in green.........no matter where you stand in the bathroom, she follows you.
Actually got my rent and bills paid for the month without the help of friends and celebrated by thrift shopping for furniture. I've been living in this new apartment for two months now with barely any furniture. I was delighted to find a table and four chairs!! Not to worry, I only spent $30. The table at one thrift shop for $15 and the chairs at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop $4 each on sale (50% off).....what fun! You can see I've already started painting the table and the chairs will be painted to match.


Here Are The Girls

I'm taking them over to the restaurant this morning to meet with the owner and discuss how best to put them up.....he's very nervous that rowdy or mischievous customers may attempt to remove or deface them.


These aren't finished yet but getting there. I'm going to start the third one today...a woman with tape measure.


My Newest Challenge

Most of us are familiar with this photo, its been traveling the internet for quite some time.
I've been asked by the owner of The Old Key Lime House in Lantana, FL to do something similar .......a challenge indeed.
Painting portraits difficult enough......painting them on tile?.....even more so. My concerns?....first the restaurant is right on the water which means lots of humidity and,
I've had limited success with painting on tile, even with paint made just for tile, the staying power questionable. Another concern...the grout lines interfering with the image. So, how to accomplish this......what to use, and how to get around the plumbing coming out of the wall, which isn't an issue in the above photo.
After discussing several options with the restaurant manager, it was decided I would paint the portraits on luan board. My plan is to paint them and cut out their profiles. I will have to cut the portraits in order to fit them around the pipe coming through the wall, but hopefully when I bring the two pieces back together around the pipe I'll be able to conceal the seam. I'll attach them to the wall with liquid nails (I think?).
Yes, that's a portrait of Bin Laden I was asked to do a while ago......ahhhhhh, the glamorous life of an artist, painting urinals. It has stood up well against the water and urine but I can't protect it from someone intent on scratching it off.
This restaurant is where I also painted these...


Started the sketch for the broken wall/Amazon scene mural. Not sure I like the shapes of the openings....not quite random enough I think. I don't want to put anymore into this until I hear from the potential client.....he's suppose to email me some inspiration pictures. To this will be added more cracks on the wall and of course a variety of rain forest animals, more plants......

Check This Out

At the website you can click on the individual squares to see the separate paintings that made up this mosaic mural

Absolutely Nothing To Do With Art

Got up this morning and went out to watch the sunrise.
And, I had been told there were dolphins in these waters and I finally caught a glimpse of one. I kept hoping it would get closer but it eventually went off the other way.
While I was working on that short patio wall last week at one point I stood up to see these feasting in the yard. Notice the baby bird in the center, and I love all the ones lined up in that tiny bit of shade trying to get some relief from the sun.
Today I start sketches for a potential mural job. I got a call from someone who would like an Amazon jungle scene through the broken wall effect......fun!