Well yah!  Finally moving, and to the apartment that I saw a while ago that I loved despite its tiny size, it felt like home.  Photos from the ad and some I took.

I'm really going to miss Narberth, its a nice little town but I'll be saving $245 a month in rent and that will free me up to start enjoying things again......museums, theater, shopping etc etc.
Pear and Red Grapes #2 finally sold after listing three times. I started it at $10 and it sold for $16.38
I got most of my packing done today, just have to do the kitchen and bath and my paint supplies......last minute packing.  Can not wait to be in my new place :-)


Day two of four free and I still haven't started painting!  Yesterday was spent running errands and catching up on things and today was spent photographing prints for ebay.  I think it was Monday I discovered Ron.......Ron sells mats on Etsy and eBay.  By Wednesday I had 25 assorted colors of 5"x7"mats for my ACEO's for $6.25 plus shipping, what a great deal!  Check out his stuff, he sends super fast and does custom orders too.
I've already ordered a few all black mats from him, some 5x7's and some 4x6 so I could give buyers the option to switch out to a black mat, I realized that colors can be tricky.  I should get some white ones too I suppose.
So that is what I was photographing all afternoon, the giclee prints I have up now on ebay. 
Check em out and let me know what you think.  The black mat here is just one I painted black for the photo til the ones I ordered get here, I suspect there's no mail delivery on Monday so Tuesday they should be here....there were no black or pure white ones in the assorted collection.
I really need to try and get some painting done tomorrow, Monday I'm going to go look at studio apartments in this apartment building 
Alden Park Apartments
Their studios supposedly start at just under $600 and go up.  I didn't see any listed as available for that price but I'm looking anyway, ya never know.   And look what they've got................
 Could you live in a place that had this.......I know I could!  Is this a gorgeous indoor pool or what?!  There's also a gym there which is something I could use.  A friend told me that Grace Kelly's mother use to live in a penthouse apartment here that took up the entire floor....holy moly!  Anyway, it'll be fun to see even if I can't live there.  I'm also trying to cover myself in case that apartment I've been wanting gets rented before I can move on.
Think I'll go check out etsy and see what other cool things I can find.


How cute are these...........
Dollar Store reading glasses, so cute and with their own little cloth cases just $1 each.  I got a 32oz bottle of laundry detergent for $1 too!  Its a great place to shop when you're broke.

I did absolutely no painting this weekend.  I did do these earlier in the week though......
The tangerine sold but not the pear/grapes, I'll relist it later.
Still no movement on my apartment, two showings but no takers, two and a half months before my lease is up.