The Good Start Has Stalled :-(

Well, I finished up the bit of work at the restaurant, and I did my first house cleaning gig on Friday. No new painting opportunities have surfaced and the cleaning gig that was going to be every Friday became every 'other' Friday........one step forward, two steps back......sigh.
I'm waiting to hear when the warehouse mural job is ready for me to start, and I'm hoping its before my rent is due in two weeks. The client decided he didn't want to send a deposit until he was closer to the job starting, so what I thought was going to help this to be a stress free month.........won't. I'm trying to stay positive and continuing to look for work......I can not stand being idle........make that idle and broke.


We're off to a good start

I'm back in Sunny Florida! Things are starting off well. I contacted a few people that I have done work for in the past and was able to scare up a little work right away. Tomorrow I'll be going back to the Old Key Lime House restaurant to do basically some touch up painting on some of my work there. Its where I painted this guy....
And these guys.....

I also visited the restaurant next door that I had done some work in..Tackey Joe's, now the Kono Bay Cafe.
This is the restaurant where I painted local businesses logos and information on the ceiling beams, as well as little messages from the locals. They'd collect a few and call me to come in and paint them. So that could be starting up again. The new owners said they've gotten a lot of requests from folks, so thats another possibility.

I also got my first major commission for several murals (all one client) from a gentleman who is creating a very cool lunchroom/showroom for his employees. Wait until you see the pictures of this one! In this lunchroom will be several vintage cars, eleven all together....mint condition and all run. He also collects vintage gas pumps, signs, he has an old jukebox, several children's pedal cars....its amazing. You'll have to watch this one evolve. Not sure when I'm getting in there, there's some wall prep to do first. I'll be painting buildings, like an old Texaco station, some road scenes with buildings, old cars, people, and some window scenes. Part of this room will be as if you were out doors, and part will be the interior of a 'building'. Should be a really fun project....its down in Miami......long commute, but worth it.

I also got my first cleaning client today......very nice girl, Angela....she's a teacher/wife/mom with a busy household....its nice to be needed :-) I'd still like to find one or two more homeowners who need help, so that I'll have some security when mural work is not available.

I'm in my new apartment now. Its a bit sparse....no furniture to speak of, but there is a bed! I spent my last bit of money on a mattress set. A friend had loaned me a blow up mattress to use, but at a little after midnight that first night, I woke up very achy.....it took me a moment to realize the mattress had deflated....lol. Didn't want to try that again.
Thats the update. I'm going to really try getting back to posting more often.


Finally have a picture of the mural I was working on last week. Some of the perspective looks off from this angle.....hard to take good pictures in a tiny powder room.
I'm leaving for Florida on Saturday. Sorry to leave Narberth, it really is a sweet little town. Once I get settled in my new apartment in Lake Worth I hope to be posting more regularly.