Little Blue Teapot is selling :-)
But the Copper Pot did not......not yet anyway.  It can now be found for sale here. .....
it along with a couple of others that did not sell on ebay.  Oh, and 105 prints are also listed for sale.
Paintings on art cards are just $15 and prints are too but the prints come with a black matte and snap frame, I've listened to my buyers and this seems to be where they are comfortable price wise.
After two days of trying out different themes and color combinations I decided to just go basic black and white for the ACEO site.  The new site is where my work will be available from now on.  No more auctions, well maybe a listing now and then to try and sneak in a message of where to find more ;-) I'll be sending out an email to past buyers and will be more diligent about using social networking to get the word out.
I dug out my picture hanging system from when I had my shop in Florida and rehung the ACEO's I've purchased over the past year or so.  I had taken them down when I thought I might move and didn't want to rehang them using nails.....so many holes to patch!
Notice at the end of the row one spot is empty, I lost a clip somewhere along the way.  I searched online for replacements and my goodness they're pricey little buggers, average just under $5 for one clip!  I did find a packet of 10 available from a place in England for a good price around $15 but it'll have to wait till I get some bills paid.


My latest sales on ebay:

 This baby chick is going to be part of a group I'm going to create as a learn your alphabet set.  
And a few cherries still looking for a home:


OK......first, yes I know I'm crazy, but I kind of consider this a victory over my usual 'cut and run' response to challenges......I'm not going to be moving, not anytime soon anyway.  Since making that decision to move I've felt uneasy, there wasn't that sense of peace you get when you do the right thing.  I spent a lot of time getting things set up here to make life as smooth as possible, and to leave with nothing only to start all over just doesn't make sense. The loss of work threw me into a state of panic and that is not a place where good decisions are made.  My effort will be put into replacing that lost income, and I trust that will be a lot easier (and more sensible ;-) than throwing everything away and starting over from scratch.
These three paintings sold :-)


Long distance apartment hunting is proving to be a challenge.  I've inquired about a few apartments and I've gotten zero response from anyone.  I've tried again this morning and will see if that has any result.
Here's the latest listing for ebay......


Shortly after my previous post I decided to return to the area I know best.....WPB/Lake Worth.
There is already a strong possibility of work (art work :-) when I return, the family I did this work for

(not the paintings, the wall) have moved to a new home :-)  And the decorator I do work for (and also commission the above mural)

 is happy to hear I'm returning.

And...........I'll get to see these gorgeous two more often.....
Now, I need to go out and move my car from the snow route street, more is on the way :-(