Bummer......only one painting (the pine cone one) sold last week so I've relisted the ones that didn't and added a few more.  In the few I added I included two studies I did for a commission for two whimsical hippo paintings, I'll be curious to see how they do, they're not ACEO's but measure 11"x 14".


New ACEO paintings on ebay

All bids start at $15.
I wanted to show you a picture of just one mural that I pass almost everyday on my way to a job, it's located on Main St in Manayunk, PA.  I'm still amazed at how many murals are in Philadelphia.


A friend (Hi Melissa) asked to see some pics of the apartment since I've moved in so I took a few and I'm posting them here.
This is a picture of the kitchen in the combination kitchen/livingroom before I moved in,

its just to give you a reference for the other photos......I'm standing at the sink to take the photos of the room, this area is to the left of the counter.  I'm hoping to replace the two black chairs with two wing backed chairs someday.
So that's the whole 'so called' livingroom and because its so tiny I decided to also use what is suppose to be the bedroom as another sitting area and my work (painting) space.....with all the shutters open there's tons of light coming through the 7' windows.  My $169 faux ikea sleeper sofa fits nicely into the space.
I got some more paintings done this weekend for ebay........

This next one is just one that I've reworked a bit......
And the Two Figs painting sold :-)..........


Here she is......new cover a little wrinkled right out of the box and she needs more filler in her back cushions because of the different shape and larger size but isn't she a wonderful faux ikea sleeper sofa all for just $164.  Fabulous............this.....
from that........

The three paintings in the post below all sold plus these two
and I am so grateful that these little paintings continue to sell, the little extra money they bring in makes such a huge difference.
No painting this weekend, instead I'm working on the finishing touches to the new apartment.  After a couple of failed attempts to purchase a sleeper sofa this past week (via Craigslist) I was finally able to get one.  And I should say it was worth the wait at only $95 plus $20 for delivery.
OK, she may not be the prettiest on the block but for another $49 I can transform her into this......
 with ektorp's sleeper sofa cover.  After taking some measurements and checking out the stats on the ikea sleeper sofa it looks as though with just some minor tweaking this cover will fit my sofa :-) How cool is that! For just $164 total spent I will have the look of the $649 ikea sofa sleeper that I was going to spend weeks (ok..months) saving up for!
So I will be spending this afternoon at ikea :-) Painting will resume this week.


All of last weeks paintings sold so I've done three more today for ebay....
I also got around to getting all my tax stuff together for my accountant.  Last year I got a small refund from my job in NY and I'm hoping to get the same this year, I'd finally be able to get a sofa sleeper.......a foam mattress on the floor gets old pretty fast!