New items on ebay
I've also listed everything in my revived Etsy Shop :-)

Unfortunately my bird mural doesn't seem to get a lot of attention, no takers yet, may have to rethink its future 😕


Aceo Notecards

Six prints of my original ACEO work presented in photo frame note cards.  This is the Fall Collection and the set is listed on ebay.


I can't tell if its really finished or if I might just be tired of working on it, I think its true most artists are never really happy/satisfied with their work.  I'm going to start working on some sketches for a new one, take a break, list it, see what happens.


More changes!  I think I'm being affected by the fall weather we are finally having.  I'm trying to deal with a couple of issues with the mural so far, one I just didn't like all the green and wanted to bring in more color.  I also was bother by all the branches on the smaller tree having too little foliage, and I'm thinking with the new autumn look too little foliage makes more sense as trees lose there leaves in the fall.  I'm going to be adding 'dropped' leaves to the ground.  Still more to do :-)


Another Mural Update

I'm getting closer to finishing this and hope to list it on ebay soon!
I added a hummingbird feeder with one Ruby-Throated Hummingbird and a Rufus Hummingbird.  I think there are enough birds on the upper part, I'd like to add just a couple of small birds (sparrows or finches maybe) on the ground and I need to address the area around the tree trunk on the left.  My plan is to add some simple field type flowers with some tall grasses, then also add a bit more leaves, stones, sticks, acorns etc to the ground.  May be able to finish this up tomorrow or Thursday :-)


Bird Mural Update....

Making some progress, constantly making changes and additions and enjoying the process.


Its been several months since I've done any painting but I've finally started up again. This is a 5'x 8' canvas mural I painted a few years ago (on the left) and I decided to get it out and make some changes (still in progress). I got interested in birds over the past couple of years from watching Red Tailed Hawks on the Cornell Website's webcam and tuning into live stream tours done by Ferris Akel on YouTube most every Saturday afternoon.
My intention is to list the mural on ebay hoping to interest bird lovers and then I will start a new mural, subject undecided at this point but I'd like to do a mural a month to sell.  I'll post progress pictures as this one evolves.