I'm spending this holiday weekend painting, no surprise there, its what I do most weekends.  I'm happy to say the ACEO paintings, although not selling for big dollars, are consistently selling and I'm am grateful.  Here's one I just did this morning (and some others) and listed on ebay

I've also been working on building a shop on cafepress.com putting my small ACEO paintings to work as magnets.  I've done this once before but never put time into promoting it and I'm hoping to do better this time around.  I ordered a couple for myself before I had listed them the first time (to check the quality) and was really please with how nice they look.  I decided a long time ago that these small ACEO paintings aren't good subjects for larger prints, any small imperfection suddenly becomes a large imperfection when blown up, so these magnets are good fit.
I had been wondering about being able to make these magnets myself but when I looked into the cost of the equipment there was no way I could afford to do it myself.  The manual 'machine' alone costs in the neighborhood of $1500-2000 and then you need the supplies to make them, so I opted to give cafepress another try.
I was thinking that if I were able to do them myself I could participate in some local craft shows, selling both original paintings and the magnets.  I have close to 200 ACEO images, I can't believe I've made and sold that many!!
I'll keep my eye on Craigslist, ebay, and other sites to see if I can find a used one.

Well, better get back to work :-)



I think I've mention craftsy.com before but for any beginners who want to learn a lot about drawing, hue and values, establishing color, composition, painting etc, I just purchased access to the online lesson The Oil Painters Handbook, and yes I'm an acrylic painter myself but I'm getting so much from these over 3 hours of lessons.  Its on sale now if anyone is interested.