Some new ACEO paintings and to view current ebay auctions click here


The second set of prints arrived from artwanted.com and while the quality of the prints are good something went wrong in the sizing....probably my fault. You can see that the photos on the left side of each page got cropped a little, chopping off part of my initials in some cases rendering them un-usable.
And although the prints are bright and crisp I like the feel of the giclee prints I ordered from iprintfromhome.com. The ones above would need to be backed with something while the giclee prints are done on a weighty watercolor paper and are almost indistinguishable from the actual paintings once covered with an acrylic finish.

I added a new painting to the ebay auction and tweaked and re-listed a couple that I had removed last week.
I also added some prints for sale of ones that have sold plus prints of some of my other work.  You can see and bid or buy HERE.


The giclee prints arrived today along with a nice packet of the companies sample prints. 

I think the printing came out very well, but I'm not loving the matte finish. 

I took one of the orange prints and gave it a few sprays of clear glaze and I think it gave it more richness/depth...guess its hard to tell from this photo.

I'm wondering if I'd like them better as a glossy print or even a matte photo print (which still has a bit of sheen) but then I'd need to do the work of giving them a backing.  Guess I'll stick with the spray finish for now, with the car needing attention now there's no room for spending anymore money.

I haven't heard a peep from the other printing I ordered other than the paypal confirmation of payment......that doesn't put them at the top of my list for doing business with.
The magnets I ordered from cafepress.com arrived yesterday and I'm pleased with how they turned out.
I checked my account from iprintfromhome.com and the giclee prints are due to arrive today, these are what I'm most anxious to see.  I'm so hoping the quality of the prints will allow me to easily sell them on ebay, I need them to sell.
Yesterday I noticed a problem with my dear little 21 yr old car......its overheating......damn!  Its funny because just the other day I was thinking to myself that just one event like this could throw everything off.......not being able to get to my 'real' jobs......the rent being late......not being able to afford the mechanic fees.......and here we are, facing the situation.  My 'job' today is close so I can make it to that and then I'll stop at the neighborhood mechanic around the corner on my way home.  I repeat.........damn! 


As you will see below I've gotten a few more ACEO paintings done and now I'm turning my focus to printing.  I now have a total of 50 ACEO paintings and its time to think about doing some limited edition prints.  I have virtually no experience with printing companies so I'm doing some test runs.  First I have to tell you there are not that many printing services that offer printing of ACEO cards but I found two that I'm going to try first.
The first option and the one that offers the most options is iprintfromhome.com and the fact that they do (offer several options) sort of earned my trust, so I gave them three of my images to turn into giclee prints.  You have a choice of what you want them printed on and I chose somerset velvet (I had to look up what that was due to my lack of experience) and I ordered one sheet of each image.  Each sheet contains eight prints and each sheet was $10.....a $30 order gets you free shipping :-)  They also offer 'regular' prints eight on a sheet for just $2.
Then there was a site called artcardswanted.com .  They offer prints on kodak paper with only four images per sheet, but you can also order cards printed on both sides (more $) or a bulk order of 500 cards printed on both sides.  I also ordered three sheets from them because they have a minimum order of $5 and each sheet was $1.60.
So obviously the first option was the better deal, but quality is also important so I want to check out as many places as possible. 
I'll post pictures and a review when they arrive.


New Additions

A chilly day here in Philly, it was in the 50's all day.  Another perfect day for staying in and doing some painting.  You can click HERE to bid.


Well the Italian Dinner ACEO card sold, that was a surprise.  And today I did two more.
You can click HERE to bid if you like.


Have I finally found my niche?

So far of 32 ACEO paintings listed, 30 have sold.......actually one of those two got redone and relisted and did sell, so 31 of 32. 
OK, so its not big bucks yet but that's ok.....start small, build a following and continue to put out good work, whats that expression?........and they will come lol.  I'm not sure my work will ever get these kind of prices for a tiny 2.5" x 3.5" painting but hey you never know.  Take a look at what this person gets for their work.  Amazing isn't it?  Are you inspired to try this out?

Out to 'work' this morning and then an afternoon of painting.  Here's another less serious painting I did just for fun a couple of days ago (must be all that dieting I've been doing lately :-), I'll list it too, I'm curious :-)