I did some more paintings for ebay over the weekend, some new some re-worked, you can see them HERE
This week I hope to make it to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.....
I have no excuse now, an old friend gifted me a one year membership to the museum, I'm so excited to know I can visit there anytime I want.  Of course I will post pictures.


Finally got some work done today and listed on ebay

And relisted two that haven't sold yet.....


Yes, its been awhile since I've posted.  I've been dealing with some sad personal stuff that had just rendered me feeling well.......hollow for lack of a better word.
I lost a friend to a very aggressive lung cancer last weekend......Jennifer......one of the most courageous women I've ever met, she dealt with things with such dignity (but being Jennifer, served with a side of humor :-) she was amazing. This is how I will remember her.......
Miss you Jennifer.

I've been trying to work on some small paintings to get back into my ebay thing, its been hard to focus though and I'm not happy with any of them yet... I'll get there.