I took a break from working on the paintings that will go to the Florida restaurants, here's what I have so far.......
and I finally got some new paintings done and up on ebay today.  I actually got a message on ebay from someone asking if I was still painting the ACEO's. I hadn't put any up for a few weeks now and its nice to know that they are missed.  Here's what went up today.....
parrots and figs seem to be popular :-)
I also posted two paintings (16"x 20") that I painted with the restaurant in mind, the Egret and Blue Heron, knowing I could always paint others if they happen to sell.  I'm testing $250 for each.
I'll spend tomorrow on a cleaning job in the morning and then try and get some more ACEO's up on ebay in the afternoon.  Have a Great Memorial Day everyone :-)


I got one of these today :-) I stopped at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop after work today and spotted this for $24.95, a great price....they sell new for about $100. Looking at the box it looks like I got one of the first ones made and luckily all the parts were there and it looks as though it was never used. I've always wanted to be able to mat my own prints so I'm so happy with this find.
And being the visual person that I am there's also a how-to video on youtube...perfect!


I'm still making tiny adjustments to both paintings as I study them but for now I'll move on to the next one.


Alright so I'm lazy, I decided to go ahead with working on this egret instead of facing him the other way, I will just do another one that would pair better with the heron.  I wasn't able to get this one finished yesterday so he's on hold until Friday afternoon, today is my all day job.......ugh.


OK.......it's been driving me nuts since I posted the picture......I've got to face the egret in the other direction, then I think they could be sold as a set if wanted......diving in before thinking......AGAIN!


I started working on the egret painting today.  I planned this one a little better, I'm starting on the background before doing the bird :-)
Yesterday I stopped at a thrift shop on my way home and found Pier One's hundred dollar faux grandfather clock for $13.50, I couldn't have made one for less than that!
Tomorrow is another two hour cleaning job so I hope to finish up the egret painting in the afternoon.


There, that's getting better, now he's the star of the painting :-)


I started on a new painting today.  I keep having to make adjustments because I didn't plan it out first, I just started with the heron and a blue water background.  I ended up not liking the light blue background but didn't 'dirty' it up until everything else was added......what a pain.  I keep trying to add more things to the scene to cover as much background as I can, I'm just not happy with it yet.
I just have a two hour cleaning job first thing in the morning so I ought to be able to finish this one up tomorrow.  It measures 16"x 20".
I also want to do an egret and a pelican.

Now that I have my computer hooked up to my tv I've re-discovered instant purchase/viewing on Amazon.  I like the idea of not adding to my physical collection of dvd's and having the option to just purchase videos and have them stored on Amazon to watch whenever I want.  Yesterday I purchased The Six Wives of Henry The VIII originally aired on PBS in 1970.......it is so good!


Ebay paintings on hold while I start doing paintings to hang on the walls of two restaurants in So Florida.....I've got all summer to work on them but I'll be doing a lot of em!
The client has requested fun and funky paintings for one of the restaurants (a wine and cigar bar) and tropical (but still fun and funky) for the other one which is on the water.
So fun and funky it is and she's partial to animal paintings so here's the start..........
I did the giraffe one first then the monkey and I really like the blue background (as you can see ;-) so I think I will be changing the giraffe background to match the others.  I've got more of these to do but I'm bored so I'll be switching gears and doing some larger tropical ones starting tomorrow......the ones above are 12"x12".
Not much else new........if the paintings sell well I may plan another move, I'll know more in the fall after the restaurants open in October.  I'm thinking the Jacksonville area this time, it will put me within easy drive time to my son and his family in Atlanta (5 hrs) and to my friends in So Florida, again 5 hrs......it would be nice to be in a milder climate again.