A Forrest Gump Moment

More than a few people have asked me why I want to stop painting murals full time, and I was thinking about that last night. The best way to answer that is to ask you to visualize the scene in Forrest Gump (its what popped into my head) where after how long?
.....he finally stops running and just stands there for a moment before turning around to go home. That moment expresses how I feel.
Its just time to stop.

Its just that way sometimes. This isn't to discourage aspiring mural artists out there, just the opposite. My intention here is to continue to provide advice and support to the beginning mural artists. I mean to encourage you to be as schooled and prepared as possible so that you will have a successful career as a mural artist. Go to and find the book entitled, How To Start A Faux Painting or Mural Business by Rebecca Pittman. There are also a lot of other books there that are useful to artists/muralists.
I also encourage you to go to my archives and read 'Finding Work....' (June 27) for some helpful tips.
Also, have a back up plan. Take some classes in Faux painting, its an art in itself. And when the demand for murals is low, you'll have another artistic skill you can fall back on. And finally if at all possible, put some money away for those slow times. Stress is just not good for you :-)

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