Philadelphia Murals

I decided I would be remiss if I did not share some of my favorite Philadelphia Murals here.

Even the royals paid them a visit, and so can you. There are several tours offered, here's one
Go here for more information on the MuralArtsProgram in Philadelphia.
A work in progress.

Of course Philly is not just known for its beautiful murals......I can taste the mustard now. Want to see how they're made?
If you've never had a warm, salty, soft pretzel smothered in mustard.....oh, my goodness you must!
No plans to make it to Philly anytime soon? No problem, have some delivered to your door.
And what is it about hot dogs from a street vendor that makes your mouth water? I gave up eating hot dogs years ago, but every time I pass by one of those vendors mine still does.
Here is a great site on all things Philly.... Finding Philly

Well.......I am glad to be back here after a 20 year absence.......see old buddies, see how much the city has or hasn't changed. I even went to South Philly to see my very first apartment. I wasn't on my own back then, it was a small group of us, one of whom became my first husband and the father of my over-the-top-fabulous son (now married with is own family). The building didn't look this nice back then, it was under renovation at the time.....yep, while we were living in it.
Ah, sweet, innocent youth. Actually my ex was/is a carpenter and was employed by the owner to help renovate it. There were parts that didn't even have
Just a few doors down there's one of those fabulous Philly murals.
Well, tomorrow is my meeting at the Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania, and hopefully within the next week or two I'll be adding my contribution to the collection of murals beautifying the city streets and businesses of Philadelphia, PA.
I can't wait :-)

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