"You're a mural artist? That must be fun."

I hear that a LOT. And it absolutely can be..........most of the time. This is part of a mural I did for a printing company. It was done on canvas in the air conditioned peace and quiet of my studio. Music playing in the background determined by whatever my mood was set to.
It was fun.
Then there's this. This is my first look at a job site where I was asked to paint a mural. The working conditions didn't improve a lot from what you see here. This was definitely NOT fun.
They did prime the walls for me and I managed to find a broom so I could sweep up a bit. But no electricity, which meant no air conditioning (this was in Florida!) and having to run an extension cord to an outside outlet so I could get some light to work by. No plumbing....of any kind, rather inconvenient for more than one reason ;-(
And of course there's the normal chaos that goes on at a construction site....the roar of power tools not ten feet away from you and the sound echoing off the walls of an empty room, the floor spaghettied with extension cords to trip on, dust, sweat dripping down your face, battle of the construction worker's radios, and language that would make George Carlin blush... but the job got done.
Ceilings. Another 'not such a fun time' when you're who knows how high off the ground, perched on a plywood floor atop scaffolding, and you're so close to the ceiling that you can't stand up, but far enough away that you can't reach it laying down. And too, we all know heat rises....another Florida job site with no air conditioning. Oh yes......and thank you to who ever it was that invented ibuprofen....necks just aren't meant to bend that way.
But the job got done.
So I'd say it's really like any other job....sometimes it's good, and sometimes....... not so much.

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