Losing a jeweler....and looking for a knitter

Well bummer.....I got a phone message from the jeweler who wanted to hold workshops in the studio saying she wouldn't be able to do it now, very disappointing. Looks like I will be dusting off my old skills and be teaching a beginners workshop myself.....I don't want to lose that class. Years ago I was heavy into beading and it'll be fun to get back into it. I'm hoping though that Lauren will still consider doing some more advanced classes when and if she's able to in the future.
Right now I'm focused on finding a wicked knitter.
I love all the new and funky designs that are out there for knitters and knitting seems to be so popular'd make a great workshop. When I was a kid I used to knit my Barbie doll clothes. McCalls Needlework magazine used to have a new pattern every month and I couldn't wait for it!
Its back up to Jensen Beach tomorrow....the decorator wants some things added to the powder room mural in the model condo. Then its back down to the studio to finish up a painting I've been working on.

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