New Piece of Furniture

I got a new piece today.......a dresser. I'm pretty sure I'm going to paint it, but can't decide on a color yet. I know that the bottom two drawers will be painted with a scene.....something old world.
I love the little silvery ring handles with the tiny flowers on them....very sweet.
I also started painting the small white oddball cabinet today, you can see it needs another coat or two). The color is actually much deeper...sort of an eggplant color....looks more cranberry here. I've decided to make it a herb growing station. I removed the wood panel that was laying loose in a hole cut in the counter part of the cabinet and will line the drawer with copper, then little potted herbs can be place in the opening right into the drawer. I'm going to put a small 'grow' light under the top part of the cabinet. I'm going to paint the recess panels that I've left white with paintings of herbs :-)
Tomorrow morning I clean and then back in the studio in the afternoon.

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