A sort of lucky day

Today, off in my own little world, driving through my neighborhood on the way to the studio enjoying the beautiful weather, I didn't realize their was a police car behind me. I did not come to a full stop at 3 stop signs (in my defense you can see way up the cross street before you even get to the sign) and I was apparently going over the 25 mph speed limit. When I pulled over and reached in my bag for my license etc, for probably the first time ever, I had left it home on the table....enter panic. All I kept thinking about was the rent being due, the truck needing a new clutch, and now this. Waiting in the truck for what seemed like forever, he finally came up to the truck and explained that he could have given me 5 tickets!!.......but the little sweetie let me off with a warning and told me to get my address changed on my license (that would have been ticket 5). Guess how happy I was!
Got to the studio and I decided to paint a large painting
instead of working on the dog portrait (I'll do it tomorrow), I just can't focus on intricate paintings when I'm feeling overwhelmed and stress over the rent and the truck needing a new clutch, but I will try tomorrow, they have been waiting a while now.

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