I was working in the studio today finishing up the party rental project when the girls from the shop next door came in to introduce me to a potential new client.....a Finnish couple who are reconstructing and renovating old ships into hotels in Finland!
What a wild project....what fun! So the girls started showing them some of my work that's in the studio and then one of them (Jackie) said..."can I show him this? At this point I still don't know who this couple are or what they're looking for. Jackie pulls out my old screen painting of the pirate.....remember him? So glad I brought him with me to Florida.
Well, the guys eyes lit up....seems at least one of the ships will have a pirate theme. He took hold of that screen and did not let go, offering to buy it on the spot. We are discussing an order of ten, possibly 20 window screens, all pirates, as well as the possibility of me doing some on site OMG.....Finland! Now tell me.....just how cool would that be!
I should be finished with all the party rental boards happy about that.
Then I'll have a few days of on site painting for them.
Once I'm done with that and the Finnish gentleman and I agree on a figure, I'll begin the pirate portraits......he wants to take them with him when he leaves for Finland in June.

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