Meet Wilma.....that's what I decided to call her....isn't she wonderful, a bit worn perhaps but we can dress that up :-) I found her standing on the street waiting for trash pickup last Friday, I simply had to rescue her. She now stands proudly in the studio.
Today I stopped by the studio and finished up one little last bit on the party rental boards and they are ready to go...I'll be delivering them tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday I'll be finishing up the two rooms that these boards go in and then the weekend will be spent putting a large swirly graphic design in room #3 and some decorative work in the hallway. That should wrap up that job :-)
After I left the studio I stopped by Kmart to return some clothes I bought that looked absolutely ridiculous on me......why I can't get my brain to accept the fact that I'm not 30 something anymore is beyond me. I think I need to shop with friends so they can protect me from myself.
Left there and went to my favorite thrift place and got a few pieces to work on. Here's some before pictures...the afters won't be for awhile.
Got this great buffet for $19.00
Got three small cabinets for a total of $18.00
And this pretty cool desk that was $29.00 I just love her legs!
Can't wait to have the time to get started on them.

My artist friend and shop neighbor Jackie is holding her first furniture painting workshop in My Studio this weekend. We're both excited and hope this will be the beginning of many workshops held at the studio. If there are any locals interested in the class you can find more info about it here.

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