Contact: cold peeked yesterday and I was totally useless, couldn't make it to my regular Friday job, now its firmly embedded in my chest but I've got to get back to the Ooza Palooza job today, this is not going to be an easy day.
Hopefully the castle wall did arrive yesterday and I can get that painted....I learned on Thursday that its just a facade, not a four sided building, so that should make for a quick job. First I have to stop at the original Ooza to take some photos of the graphics in the 'dance' room that I hopefully will be able to project onto the walls, trace out and paint in, in this new store.
A quick check at one of my favorite blogs Better After led me to this post at Little Green Notebook. I oh so want to try this on one of the little chest I bought a week or so ago.
OK off to work.....lets see.....I've got my box of tissues, ibuprofen, nasal spray, cough drops..........

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