Been a while since I've posted. Between being at the shop full time and house sitting for a friend its been crazy.
Yesterday I made it back to my favorite thrift shop and found these treasures. Two identical chest of drawers, a smaller chest, and a cool old game/card table.
The two large chests were a challenge, each covered with wall paper border...oiy.
Without the paper.....
Love the labels on the backs.......
The smaller chest.......
And the card table..... I just loved the lines of this table.
After thinking I wanted to remove the nail heads and leather, and trying to do just that, I realized it would take a full day just to remove the rusty old nails and peeking under the leather the wood below wouldn't make an attractive painted I may leave both in place and paint as is.......not sure??
These things along with some silk lilacs, a couple of vases, and a small shadow box, I spent a total of $36 and change. A good day :-)
Here's how the shop is looking.

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