Started yesterday with a trip to the thrift shop and came away with four pieces. I was so excited to find two ($10 each) that are perfect for painting scenes on....its what I've been looking for, for the past two weeks.
I also brought back a tall narrow shelf unit with three drawers on the bottom half ($5), and a long chest (5 bucks) that I'm passing on to the girls at the shop next door.
On the way back to the studio I saw this crazy thing going down the street....had to snap a picture.
Then got back to the studio and started and finished the custom order from the other day. Its similar to a piece for sale that I have in the shop now.
Today I'll be starting on some pieces that are ready for their artwork......can't wait to get them out on the floor.
I'm also going to place an ad on craigslist when I finish here that I'm in the shop almost full time, I'm going to try and find someone to rent two small areas (5'x6') I have in the back of the shop.
I was hesitant before because I wasn't there much and didn't feel that would be fair to anyone renting we'll give it a try now.

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