I realized a couple of days ago that I need to take the 'we' out of moving forward with my work. The girls next door are not sure they want to continue doing the work they do, and with every suggestion I make they say they have thought about or already tried with no success..........perhaps using 'we' was my way of trying to take the sting out of having to make some changes on my own, which will be a daunting task indeed. With literally no money, nothing of value, and a bankruptcy just a few years ago, this will be an interesting journey.
I've been searching for and reading tons of blogs of others who also work with art/furniture, trying to spot that common denominator in their formula for success. I'll post the results in a future post, but its safe to say that the number one element has nothing to do with their talent.
This has been another one of those hopes up, hopes dashed, sort of weeks. Both rents are late again (nothing new there) and a couple of jobs that were on the table? changed their mind and canceled, and others were put off for the future.........sigh.
I need to use this free time wisely.

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