This is the newest piece added to the collection of furniture that's accumulating in the shop. Isn't it charming. Of course, once again anxious to transform, I neglected to take the before was yellow with green sponged on top of that and green trim, but her style just couldn't be hidden even with that.
I'm once again rethinking how I'm using my talents and this studio/shop space. I feel like so much time is wasted being in the shop when no one comes in, and there's no space (or money) to add new pieces. I'm intrigued by this couples way of doing things. And here's another 'occassional' seller. I love the idea of scheduled events to sell their product, and though I don't have a wonderful barn like the couple mentioned, I can't help but wonder if my studio couldn't be used in the same way. The time between events would be spent searching out treasures to reinvent (for resale) and holding a few workshops. Perhaps I could put a piece or two in the shop next door while they continue to be opened daily. This just makes sense to me and worth investigating further.

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