Ahhhhhhhh.........the flea market

I've got mixed feelings.
On one hand the experience may have been good for future business at the shops, we gave out a lot of business cards.....on the other hand I think our prices may be too high for 'flea market' shoppers. We got tons of compliments on our work, lots of inquiries about custom work, but only sold one piece, my child's dresser with the animals on it.
The women who stopped by our both and bought the dresser told us that they were about to leave because they weren't seeing anything worthwhile until they spotted our booth :-) compliment ever!!
That's Jackie and Cricket (the girls from the store next to mine) at our shared booth....
And Jackie taking a much needed break under the shade of the bus shelter.
So all in all it really cost us money just to be there.....u-haul rental, hiring a man to help load the truck the night before and unload it in the morning, space rental, and the other little costs....purchase of the canopy, food and drink, closing our shops for the day, etc.
There were only about thirty vendors there, and some of those I don't think should have been. This was billed as an antique, vintage collectibles and crafts show, but there was one of those $10 tables where they sell sunglasses and junk and another guy selling rugs....not cool old rugs, just store type area rugs. There were several jewelry stands and they seemed to be getting the most attention (and sales).
I was a bit disappointed. I'm not sure I'd do it again, we'll see.

I finally hung one of my favorite mural prints properly in my had just been stapled up til now. The original mural (one of three panels) hangs in the service elevator in a twenty plus million dollar mansion built by Frank McKinney in Manalapan, FL. I used a nice thin molding with nicely rounded edges to trim it out. I think this is a nice clean way to hang murals that don't go wall to wall or floor to ceiling. I just tacked up the canvas with a couple of staples to hold it in place and then used my brad gun to attach the molding, just in the center and corner (end) of each strip......then trimmed away the excess canvas.

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