I had to drive south yesterday, down to Delray to drop off some seats to the upholsterer. Since I was already in the neighborhood of favorite thrift shop, I made a quick stop on my way back to the studio. T'was my lucky day! I picked up one, two, three, four chests of drawers, a long lower cabinet (perfect for a flat panel tv!) and a small bookcase. Drum roll please.................$48.

Notice the small chest with the missing knobs? They were'nt missing when I got it. The rest of my lucky day...........a couple came in and bought two chests, one of which was this.....
the chinoiserie chest. And how appropriate, they were a French couple. To open the drawers to this chest you pull from the sides. The couple explained to me that their little girls couldn't reach yet to open this way, so I grabbed knobs from the chest found in the morning (I had none in stock), drilled a few holes and use the knobs on this chest, they matched/worked perfectly.

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