For the first time in a long time I've no projects waiting for me at the studio. Yesterday I finished up the bedroom suite that I'd been working on. I also finished up a large dresser that was a street find about a week was originally just a varnished knotty pine finish with two thirds of its handles missing, but in great shape, clean drawers, a great find.
I also got a sweet little dresser painted up. A sweet elderly man from the neighborhood stopped in the shop a few days ago with a few items he wanted to sell....... a vintage enamel top, chrome legged table, so cute.....yellow with blue floral design in great shape....he was asking $50, but as I was down to my literally last $46 dollars I had to pass :-( He also mentioned an old dresser that he had for $25 so I arranged to stop at his home to check it out the next day. It was too sweet to pass you can see why I'm always whining about money....I spent $25 of my last $46 on a dresser!! My logic being because of its cute factor it will sell quickly and for way more than $25.....fingers crossed!
Here's the dresser.......and yes, I forgot to take before pictures..........again.
Its sweet little handles......
And it finished.......
Traffic and business at the shop is finally starting to pick up a little bit, not enough to allow me to relax, but enough to give me hope.
Our city of Lake Worth is having their annual Holiday Shopping Stroll on Dec. 4th, and the girls next door and I will be participating. I wasn't here for last years of course and I'm told that the girls were on the stroll list of shops but only received two or three visitors in the four hour event.........not good. Our shops are two blocks north of the main street of stores and thats a problem. This year however we are armed with the Palm Beach Social Directory and will be mailing/emailing our invitation directly to those listed in the book......baiting them with gift certificates and door prizes :-)........hoping for a better turn out.

Since I have no projects right now (and no $ to purchase any), I've contacted my landlords about doing a mural on the side of my shop.....trick is I'd need them to supply the materials. My plan is to create a collage mural based on the history of Lake Worth.
I want it to be something that people will want to make an effort to see, and I want it to be something that will be there for a long time (and of course draw attention to the shops:-). I'll hear back from them today.

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