Here is the finished table, and the chairs (that I had conveniently stashed away months ago, and that match it beautifully)! The chairs still need new seat covers, but I love the set.
I wasn't able to get the boards for the mural yesterday......the landlord forgot :-( so we're trying for today.
An interesting development yesterday...the girl's shop next door got a 'For Lease' sign put in front of it. They had just signed a new agreement with the landlord last week to go month to month instead of signing a new one year lease, and then they (the landlords) decide that 'no lease' doesn't work for them. I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around this one. Number one....I have no lease and two (especially #2!), I haven't been able to pay them any rent. That's right........the landlords have generously allowed me to have this space knowing that I'm not making enough to pay any rent! It is why I've offered to do this spectacular mural on the side of the building for them, I want/need to pay my way somehow. The shop next door has been there for 18yrs and I just don't get it. It doesn't only seem not fair, but this hits me personally as well.......Jackie, the original founder of the shop, is who inspired me to begin my journey into painting 14 years ago, its where I sold my first works, I can't imagine them not being there. I will secretly hope that the landlords are unable to find a new tenant :-)

I didn't make it back to the city's history museum yesterday so I'll try for today. I also found out that someone I know through a friend of mine does some volunteer work there so I'm going to give her a call and see if she can help me sort through the sometimes contradictory history of Lake Worth.

Oh....and I went and looked at the chair that the upholsterer was concerned about and there are a couple of spots that appear to be flaking but its nothing I feel is serious. Actually some of what person pointed out to me was part of the distressing that I had done intentionally. I notified the owner that I will come to her home when the work on the chairs is completed and do any touching up that is needed......including areas that she may feel I was over zealous in my distressing :-)

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