I finally got the boards I'll be using for the exterior mural, ironically I now have to wait to get money to get the primer I need.
I've never used this board before.....called hardy board, made with cement?........the owner of the property felt it would be more durable, so I'm giving it a try.
While I wait for something to sell I started working on the sketch that I'll have to present to the city for approval.
The mural will be 12'x12'. I'm still playing with ideas for each section. I was focusing on just the past history of Lake Worth, but have now decided to bring it from past to present time. This will probably mean that each of the four larger sections will each be a collage of a certain time period instead of just one image. The center will be a portrait of the person the city was named after. I wanted to include portraits of the two people recognized as the first settlers but there are absolutely no images of them....dang. So instead I may do portraits of the two men who are considered the founders of the city.......undecided.

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