Got started on this little chest today....
It got my standard Behr Swiss Coffee paint job with a light distressing. I'm still undecided about whether to do some artwork on the door fronts???
Then I got started on this chest.....
Unfortunately not until I got it back to the shop did I realize the recessed base that this sits on is fiberboard.......and crumbling fiberboard at that. So, out come the power tools :-)
Once I started the demolition .....good news.....only the side pieces were fiber board so I only had to cut two wood pieces.
It puzzles me why a chest can be 90% wood and then 10% fiber board????? Do they really save that much money by putting fiber board sides on a chest when the rest of it is wood??
I'll finish up this repair tomorrow.....I had taken my wood glue home and forgot to bring it back to the shop. I'll get this painted tomorrow as well.

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