Happy Holiday everyone :-)
I worked all through yesterday trying to complete the vision my client had for her wall and I'm glad to report that she was very happy with the end result. This is something she wanted to create where people could come and be still and find some comfort. Patti lost her son about a year ago in a motorcycle accident and this is a memorial to'll see a small image of him on the left side.
I also got all three of the dog portraits completed in I forgot to photograph........
I'm looking forward to getting back in the studio/shop this week, it needs a bit of attention after the events of the past two-three weeks, things all out of place. The shops looking a bit sparse too having donated some pieces to our neighbors apartment and actually having a few things sell prior to I'm anxious to get back out there and hit the thrift shops, find some new projects to work on. surfing looking for the morning news I came across this station playing Christmas music while showing nothing but a burning fireplace.........think I'll pour another cup of coffee and just chill today.......I've always wanted a fireplace lol :-)

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