Here's a picture of the hutch finally finished and dressed for the holidays.......
A couple of days ago a woman I had just done some work for (remember the 10 chairs?) gave me a few of her unwanted old dining room chairs. They were not in the best shape and I can not believe her ex-husband was duped into believing they were antiques. The chairs were poorly made and riddled with breaks and cracks and signs of previous mends. I gave two of the chairs to the girls next door to play with, one made it to the trash, and one I kept. Again forgot to take a before picture.....I've got to put a BIG sign up in my shop to remind me!..........but here's a piece that I cut off the chair, maybe it'll give you an idea of what it looked like before.
Look closely at the redone chair and you can see a clamp on the arm, it was cracked all the way through. I could see that the other arm had at one time suffered the same fate.
Today I meet with two potential clients about small mural jobs and next I need to get focused on some pet portraits.

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