I forgot to tell you all that I'm having a pet portrait giveaway over at the Better After blog (one of my most favorite blogs!), so go check out Lindsey very cool blog.....she did a great write up on me:-).....and leave a comment to enter for a chance to have me paint a pet portrait for you.
Yesterday my work got rained out, so today I finally got started and almost finished the mural for Chafin Music.
Its looking pretty much like the sketch below don't ja think? I really like the graphic style of this, and the pop of yellow/orange is meant to draw attention as folks are driving up the street. I just have to go back tomorrow and do the piano keys across the bottom, give the guitar player some musical notes, and finish off the bottom of the tree.
After that I'm meeting with a very old friend of mine who has asked me to do some sketches for a doll she wants to create..........this should be a real hoot!

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