I had a Taa---riff---ick day today! I started the day moaning and groaning to myself about going out to my favorite thrift shop, but I had to go, I had to take the chance that today I would be able to find some things to take back to the studio. Ignore the dealers and pickers I said to myself......if they're there just ignore them, focus on other off I go. I probably got there around ten or so and there didn't seem to be the usual amount of 'people' there, I began to relax. There weren't any beautiful old vintage pieces today, but I found some things I can work on and make beautiful :-)
Here's what I brought home today.........
two of these units (identical)..............

All of the above plus a small white bedside table..nothing fancy, just a little two drawer unit, all of this was $43 and change. See why I like to be able to shop there?!
Then I totally splurged ............I stopped at my local Salvation Army and fell in love with a dresser....what can I say, I'm a sucker for old furniture with gorgeous handles. I also got a huge rug there for the shop...forgot to take a picture of that.
Being a Philly girl at heart it was cool to find this Snellenburg & Co. tag on the back of the chest......
And finally, also at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop this mirror was laying right on top of the dresser.....I love this mirror! I loved the gold design behind the glass when I was looking at in the store. When I got home though, the gold was gone!......what?? When I moved it around I heard this strange rattling sound inside the mirror, so I had to take it apart to investigate. And there it was.....I assumed the glass was painted but the design was backed with embossed gold colored tin panels and they had fallen off.....yeah!....just needed to reattach them and they're beautiful once more.
Then one final purchase from the girls next door......I also adore old lamps and so I bought this little cutey from them.

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