I'm not spending much time in the shop these days.....its very hard to be there when only two or three people may come......I'll be closing up shop in a few of weeks, the high season did not bring the influx of customers I was hoping for. I'll be in there next week working on the exterior mural for the buildings owners and will sell (hopefully) off the rest of the furniture.
Tomorrow I'll be out on a mural job, one that should only take a about a day to do, its a silhouette mural, so pretty simple.
This is my canvas..........
And this is the sketch that I did for them......
The design came from two things.....the size of their budget, and the significance of the sax, guitar and piano keys.

I've stolen a little area at my dining table to use for pet portrait painting for now, but will hope to set something up by the windows where the light is fantastic.......I just have to muster up the enthusiasm to move furniture around.
I'm off to the paint store now to get my supplies for tomorrows job.

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