OK :-) Today I got both the bookcases I bought on Monday done......just painted them both a shade of black and distressed (I'm getting tired of white....sorry Florida;).
Then I got started on one of these glad to get rid of that baby poo brown!
Here's where we are so far.........
When I started working on it my first thought was to turn it into a seating area with coat hooks, but its not quite tall enough for that, so I decided on a kid's reading nook.
I took out the two shelves and I'm going to line the inside walls with padding and a cool fabric (cushy for leaning against:) maybe do some tufting using upholstery tacks.....on second thought maybe it'd be easier to make padded and tufted panels that I could then attach to the walls, yes....that'd be easier. Then make a coordinating seat cushion, put some kind of design on the drawer front......right now I'm thinking a trompe l'oeil napping puppy or kitty.....and try to find some sort of small (non-dangerous) lamp to attach to the inside wall for reading. What fun!

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