Well the fireplace job is out so my attention is turned back to my pet portraits, the exterior mural for the outside of my building, and what will be the future of my shop now that the girls next door are leaving. There was a lot of activity next door yesterday, the girls are having a 50% off sale, and fortunately some of that activity spilled over into my shop.....I made a few sales too :-). I'm really nervous about how things will be when they're gone.

I have two commissioned pet portraits right now and I finished one of them on Friday....
and will work on getting the other one done this week....a very, very furry cat!

Towards the end of the day yesterday I bought a plant stand from the girls next door, quickly brought it to my shop.
I had to fashion a new piece of foot for one of the legs, painted and distressed it, I couldn't wait to get it home. Alas.....and cute as it is, it doesn't look well anywhere I try to put it in my apartment. So.....its back to my shop now and for sale once again.

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