Well I finished the second sketch this morning....the interior decorator's second idea was to have an oriental charger sitting on a stand inside the fireplace opening.
Disappointed that none...I repeat....none of my cute little stools that I made have sold, I took some home with me. I was so happy to see how well they looked under this print. I love this print, don't know why, just do. I got it from the girls next door, a furniture exchange so to speak :-)
The stools though got me thinking......why don't I use the other cubbie space in my studio to house all things handmade by me?! Someone expressed interest in that tall black unit, so that will be out of the way soon.
I think I'd enjoy making a few folding screens again.
I could make a couple with cloth panels and then again I could just make the frames and let people make their own custom panels sewing necessary if you use just a bit of liquid stitch or some velcro. The rods in my screens move from side to side so that you can slip them out.
Add some stools, some benches, some shelves with hooks etc.........could be cool. Maybe through in a couple of hand painted floor cloths?
I was blog surfing again this morning......something I do with my morning coffee....and came across this site where some gals put together craft project kits you can purchase.........hmmmm??...another idea perhaps??

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