There......done. This is a perfect example of how you can do an effective mural for someone with a very small don't be quick to discount folks with limit finances......this was a fun and quick job. I gave the guitar player a few notes of Stairway To Heaven :-) It'll be fun for the owners to see if anyone mentions it.....I'm told they get loads of requests for that music.
Well, I'm beginning to feel like the girl who cried wolf. I ran into my studio/shop landlord this morning when I got back to the studio (having finished the mural), and again he's convinced me to hang in there and stay. He was there to meet with a potential new tenant for the shop next door (Jackie and Cricket are moving on to new things) and he felt that the new tenant and I might be mutually beneficial to each other......he's a faux artist. We each get request for the others specialty, so true, we may be able to give each other work.
Well, the potential tenant agreed to take the place and will take over the space February be cont....:-)

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