Just about to finish up the cat portrait.....have I been saying that for days?
This will be my next pet portrait project...
An unusual composition, but a meaningful photo for the owner and that's whats important. Leo's owner Michelle was the last giveaway winner and has been patiently waiting (I'm sure) to hear from me. Once Leo is complete I'll be starting on this adorable little thing....
commissioned by Summer as a gift to her Bones.....too, too, cute.

On a dismal note....since the girls in the shop next door have gone, my business has come to a complete standstill......honest....if I had crickets in the studio, you could hear them chirping, its very disheartening. A group of women did come in one day.....ha!....but they were looking for the shop that was in there before me. I think what I'm going to do is try to solicit work through designers/decorators........murals/paintings on canvas and painted furniture, work done from my studio. Not a new concept I know, and I've tried in the past to get the attention of design shops to no avail......I'm grasping aren't I ........sigh.

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