This morning I got the figurehead delivered then back to the studio and knocked out this piece that I bought a few weeks ago.

Then I started working on creating this lamp for the 'reading nook'. First I took my 3/4" spade bit and drilled out the center hole in the mold. See the previous post to see where I got the pieces to create this lamp.
Then I drilled a hole in the bottom edge of the mold to thread the wiring through. I didn't want to go through the 'wall' with the wiring.
I sacrificed an old frazzled electrical cord to get a piece of its orange sleeve....I didn't want the lamp wire to rub against the metal so I put a piece of the orange sleeve in to line the opening. I just sprayed it gold to match.

I connected the wires in the back and capped them. The lamp wire I stole from the lighthouse lamp that I've had for sale forever and no one seemed to want.
And let there be light!
Next I cut some wood for the back and drilled a hanging hole. I hot glued the back on but was leery that it wouldn't hold so I found some small nails, drilled with just the tip of my spade bit some tiny holes in the mold and nailed the pieces together.
Hanging it was a bit rough. Because of the padding I couldn't get a tight fit so I ended up shooting a couple of brads around the edges.....a bit rough, not much of an edge to work with, but it seems to be hanging pretty solid. I tacked the cord in place under the seat cushion and it runs out the back through a hole that was already in the unit (for this purpose).
Now I just need to get a chandelier bulb and shade and its finished :-)

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